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Welcome to Avada Productions

We use cutting edge technology and state of the art methods

New York morning show 2020

Film production

Premios feroz music festival 2019

Live events

Esports 2020 competition live event


We invest in only the best technology

Giving you the finest quality is the mountain top of what we provide

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Drone footage

How we changed the real estate industry using drones

Film production

On the set of Joseph Knight’s new movie

Live events

Esports 2020 competition live event

Music videos

Behind the scene of Purely Blue music video

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Aearon is a digital marketing & social media agency specializing in website development, SEO, social media, content creation, and digital ad campaigns.

At Aearon we design and build digital marketing & social media solutions that deliver the innovative assets and strategies that build and deliver audiences that buy.

A Holistic Approach.

We are experts at a holistic approach to digital marketing, offering an integrated "one-stop" solution based on a proven formula combining website design and build, SEO, digital marketing campaigns, and social media channels.

Clear. Transparent. Measurable.

By using our proven formula to identify your audiences and deliver innovative and creative branding, stories and content solutions across your website (Brand, SEO, User Experience, Landing Pages) and Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube & TikTok), we deliver results in a format that is clear, transparent and measurable.

Brand and Voice.

By building your brand and voice upon our framework of a proven digital marketing system, we maximize your ability to communicate effectively with your target audience in a meaningful way, adding real value to your customers' lives, and converting them to buyers.

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Live performance

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Film production

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Music video editing

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Digital content

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Our team is world famous

We built the best team in the world from the ground up

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UK Film festival

2020, International

AWGIE awards

2019, Australia

Zee cine awards

2018, India

Clarín awards

2019, Argentina

Festival de Gramado

2018, Brazil

Premios feroz

2017, Spain

Louis Delluc prize

2019, France

Lauritzen award

2018, Denmark

Detroit film critics

2017, United States

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One Strategy. One Formula. One Stop.

We take you from strategy to success.

From initial strategy to website design and build, SEO, social media and digital marketing campaigns, we have you covered from the start line to finish line, and on to the winner's circle.

Aearon has taken the complicated and made it deceptively simple.

We have taken a proven winning formula of website, social media channels and digital marketing campaigns and built a "one-stop" solution for small businesses that could not otherwise access these digital marketing solutions because of cost.

How much does a good online marketing strategy really cost?

Truly understanding your target market, building your brand, strategic planning, website design and build, optimizing for search engines, creating content for social media, managing digital campaigns, communities and social media, can cost tens of thousands of dollars to implement, and then thousands more to manage monthly.

Until Now.

Aearon's subscription based "one-stop" solution of website, SEO, digital ad campaigns and social media channels built on a winning and proven formula, all managed for you on a monthly basis by our dedicated team of experts, delivers your mission, revenue goals, and social engagement desires.

What our Integrated Solution Includes:

Strategic Digital Marketing Plan based on a very succesful and constantly evolving formula

Website Build, Social Media Account Set Up & Creation (One Time Setup Fee)

Search Engine Optimization - Content Creation

Social Media Management - Facebook & Instagram 

Youtube, Google MyBusiness, Twitter and LinkedIn

Social Media Ad campaigns - Facebook & Instagram 

Search Engine Marketing - Google MyBusiness  & Google Ads 

Content Creation (a la carte)

Email Campaigns (a la carte)

The Benefits

Proven Digital & Social Marketing

Complete Deployment at one set price in less than 21 Days

One Supplier for the entire system

One time  Setup fee and low monthly fee

Digital Marketing Strategy

We use a holistic approach to building your digital brand and promoting your unified brand story across multiple online platforms, including your website and social media assets (Facebook, Instagram LinkedIn and Tiktok).

Website Development

With all your competitors aggressively competing for your customers' attention online, we develop the strategy, design and implementation to get your voice heard and tell your story, and build a unique and valuable user experience that generates visitors, delivers value and drives conversions.

Advertising Account Management

We  ensure that your marketing message is right on, and appears in the right place at the right time, while deploying cutting edge conversion optimization methodologies to turn visitors into customers so that you get the most out of your advertising spend.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We optimize your website to deliver the content your customers are searching for and value, and deliver top search rankings with the major search engines like Google and Bing.

Social Media Advertising

We optimize your social media advertising to deliver ads directly to users most likely to action on your product or service. We have the tools, techniques and solutions to deliver the right ads for everything from brand awareness to lead funnels; and our re-targeting campaigns will keep your visitors and customers coming back for more.

Search Engine Marketing (PPC)

With Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Pay Per Click (PPC) we promote your website through paid advertising on search engines like Google. Through research, strategic planing and years of experience, we leverage your keywords and the Google Search Engine auction process to deliver the highest results at the lowest cost.

Social Media Management

Through Social Media Management on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, we can grow your brand’s social community and engage with the right audience. We engage, build community, curate content, and manage comments, and everything in between.

Social Media Optimization

We use online communities to generate publicity and increase the awareness of your product, service, brand or event. We generate traffic and increase awareness for your website while gaining organic links to your social media content. We optimize your website to encourage more users to use and share links to the website across social media and networking sites.

Ready to Learn More?

Aearon will build your brand and get your voice heard, creating relationships and opportunities while building your community of users, visitors, customers and fans. Why not reach out to us, and find out how we will turn your business into a brand.

Welcome to Avada Productions

We are pioneers in music video production for world famous artists


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Special effects mastery

We have spent years perfecting special effects in film

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Live performance

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Music video editing

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Digital content

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