A complete digital strategy

Jim’s Mowing , a case study in success.

After years of struggling with multiple digital marketing agencies and lacklustre results. Aearon stepped in in 2019 to provide Jim’s Mowing Canada with strategic guidance and digital implementation. With a complete ground-up redesign of JimsMowing.ca, including brand analysis, content creation, and SEO, JimsMowing,ca web visitors increased from 10,000 visitors per year in 2019 to over 40,000 visitors per year in 2021.

Strategy, web development, web design, UX, SEO and data analysis were all key in driving growth at JimsMowing.ca

Aearon goal setting for Jim's Mowing

Goal Setting

Request a free quote: not a trivial goal.

Getting website visitors with ever decreasing attention spans to stay on a page long enough to build interest and request a quote gets more challenging with every passing day.  The main objective of Jim’s Mowing’s web marketing strategy was to get as many visitors to the site as possible, and then intice them to convert by using a web form to request a free quote. The design, creative, digital marketing and SEO implementation all needed to perfectly aligned to deliver such strong results in such a short period of time.


Designing the path to the goal

A big part of our strategy consisted in positioning highly relevant dedicated landing pages for each market and for each service. These landing pages were designed to rank, welcome and convert the user who had searched for that service and/or location.


Web development & SEO

The development phase was clearly fundamental, and without strategy, a website is nothing but a piece of a vast virtual puzzle lost in the ether. A clearly defined strategy and brand story are critical in converting users into clients. Given the objectives and the agreed structure, the redesigned website took shape based on WordPress CMS. JimsMowing.ca now boasts remarkable performance on all types of devices, and now, we can do that for your Brand too.


Numbers are important

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Only what is measurable and measured can be evaluated. By crossing data from the site with data of all the other platforms (Google AdWords, Facebook Pixel, etc.), we are able to obtain practical, actionable and easy-to-read reports for the customer as well.


Review & Reseting

Numbers are important

We are able to confidently test new strategies and ideas because we get instant feedback on the performance of our actions. This allows us to act in real time on campaigns and to minimize the cost of ineffective strategies.

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